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ZOOM meeting: Zoom ID will be posted on WhatsApp and emailed one day prior to the meeting.

Guests Welcome

YOUNG TURKS: Journey to Olympics and Beyond

We present to you two individuals who have insurmountable belief in themselves and made their seemingly impossible dreams possible through immense grit & determination.

Aparna Popat, 2-time Olympian (2000,2004), 4 medals at Commonwealth Games. First Indian to win a medal at the World Junior Championships -1996. Winner of 16 world titles out of 17 years. Arjun Award winner 2005 and much more.

Imtiaz Anees, Equestrian. Won Bronze in Asian Games Thailand, won Bronze in the Asia Pacific Games Australia, strong contestant at the World Equestrian Games Spain. An Author, Trainer, Competitor, and a level two instructor & Coach he owns and runs an Equestrian Training Facility.

In conversation with Kunal Maria, founder and CEO of Corvus American Academy in Karjat and a basketball player at State & National level, who has worked in the sports industry in the USA for more than a decade.

Let us see what these Young Turks say about what it takes to reach the Olympics and what life offers afterwards.

Varsha Sheth       Avni Parikh

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