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The Indus Tapestry

INDUS INTERNATIONAL is a non-profit organisation providing opportunities for women of various nationalities living in Mumbai to meet together, exchange ideas and work towards acquiring a greater understanding of the different cultures and people of the world in which we live.

Equally important is its goal to promote fellowship and friendship among its members, and to provide a forum for holding of lectures, symposia, seminars and audio-visual presentation on various subjects. Cultural programmes and plays, Quiz sessions and workshops on Art, Music and Dance are all a part of the Indus tapestry.


Festival of Charities and Fund-Raising

Indus women have their hearts in the right place, and use this forum for raising funds for the less fortunate and underprivileged. With this aim in view, a large group of women work throughout the year, knitting and sewing, making useful handicrafts and collecting articles for sale from fellow members; all of which are sold at the annual Festival of Charities. Charitable organisations which have limited sales outlets are allowed to exhibit and sell their handicrafts at these festivals. Funds raised at the Festival of Charities go towards charitable projects.



There are approximately 300 Active and Inactive Members at any given time. In addition there are other categories such as Senior, Non-Resident Members and Friends. There is an Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription.


Members' Attendance And Participation

Each Active Member will have to attend a minimum of 10 meetings of Activity Groups in a year. In addition, each Active Member is expected to participate in one of the activities of the organisation. The various fields in which members can participate is published in the Newsletter in the beginning of each Indus year. Meetings and participation are equally important and one cannot substitute one for the other.


The Board

The Board consists of 10 elected officers holding the posts of Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and Membership Treasurers. There are two persons, one Indian and one non-Indian for each post, except for Treasurers who are both Indian and Membership Treasurers who are both foreign.


Executive Meeting

This body consists of Members of the Board and Chairpersons of the Activity Groups.


Other Committees

There are several committees such as Advisory Committee and the Membership Committee which function throughout the year, besides these,adhoc committees are set up from time to time for a definite purpose. These assist the Board and the Executive Committee in the running of the association.


Activity Chairpersons

Each group has two chairpersons, one Indian and one non-Indian. Activity chairpersons are chosen by mutual agreement between the retiring Presidents and the retiring Chairpersons of each Activity Group. Input from members is always welcome.


Activity Groups

At present there are 11 Activity Groups as given below: 

  • Art

  • Music

  • Performing Arts

  • Book Discussion

  • Cooking Swapshop

  • Current Events

  • Handicrafts

  • Health & Ecology

  • History Culture & Tours

  • Philosophy & Religion

  • Welfare & Festival of Charities

Each group holds one meeting a month except in May when no meetings are held.

At such meetings there are either talks or demonstrations, audio-visual presentations or visits to welfare centres, or any other programme organised by the Activity Chairpersons. The best minds and talents both within and outside Indus, are drawn upon to provide really noteworthy and interesting mornings on eleven days each month, allowing members a large variety of programmes to choose from.



Our regular Newsletter which includes messages from the Presidents, lists of new members, changes in addresses or phone numbers of members, important events and happenings and date-wise meetings of the Activity Groups, is issued every month and mailed to members for their information and guidance.


Know Your Organisation!

Members of Indus are advised to go through the Memorandum of Association (the Constitution of Indus) and the Rules and Regulations, thoroughly. This will help them avoid mistakes in procedures and clear any doubts they may have about the organisation. It will also guide them as to the office-bearers they should contact if concerns and issues arise.


The Spirit Of Indus

The founders of Indus envisaged an active cultural exchange and the development of friendship and camaraderie between the nationals of the various countries represented in this body. This spirit has been further strengthened through the years by the members of Indus who have followed them.

With over a quarter century of achievement, let us continue to dedicate ourselves to the causes, aims and goals of INDUS INTERNATIONAL, which has been a meeting ground for women from all parts of the globe.

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