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ZOOM meeting: Zoom ID will be posted on WhatsApp and emailed one day prior to the meeting.

Guests Welcome

                        THE CREATIVE WORLD OF MUSIC

Into the minds and talents of India’s foremost music duo, Composer, Shantanu Moitra and Lyricist, Swanand Kirkire.

We are fortunate to have this opportunity to learn what goes into musical compositions and lyrics that can touch the hearts minds of both the masses and the classes, with multiple hit songs from Pareenita to 3 Idiots to Munna Bhai to name a few.

It will not be just their incredible music that we will learn about but also the struggles they have been through and the challenges they have had to overcome in their inspiring journey.

A morning not to be missed!

Salome Roy Kapur                         Marietta Barreto

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