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While we Mumbaikars were fortunate to experience a bit of cool weather in January, hopefully this spills over into this month. Also, one looks forward to easy availability of the promised covid vaccine in the coming months!

This year has started with some wonderful meetings and hoping for continued support from our Members. Thank you, Chairladies for pursuing your work with zest in providing us a varied exposure in different exciting disciplines.

The Disbursement Committee meets this month to decide on allocation of Funds. In case of any suggestions of a known deserving Charity, do connect with either the Presidents or members of the Disbursement Committee.

As we edge towards the end of our Indus Year, the Nominating Committee will be meeting shortly. If anyone wishes to propose an Active member for a position on next year’s Board, kindly take her consent and submit your suggestions in writing to the Chairperson for due consideration.

Since Chairladies are also looking out for replacements, please come forward and volunteer. This is an opportunity to get actively involved and contribute while having fun and making new friends.

Sarita Agarwal   Maria Bharwani

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