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A warm welcome to all our members who have been travelling in India and abroad, Those that were here, had to face the wrath of nature on the onset of monsoon with flooding, traffic snarls etc and we thank our members for attending the meetings inspite of these difficulties.


Our Fellowship called ‘The Festival of Nations’ is going to be celebrated on the 14th of October. Together with that we will also celebrate ‘Founders Day’ and honour our Founders to whom we are eternally grateful for having started this fabulous International Women’s Organization. We need all the help and support especially from our foreign members. Those who would like to help should get in touch with our Vice Presidents.


 This month we celebrate Gokul Ashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi and Bakri Eid. We wish all our friends across all religions happiness, Good Health and Prosperity. September is a month of festivals and celebrations. We will start these celebrations on SEPTEMBER 4TH with a Sangeet performance, featuring our Indus ladies, at a joint meeting of Performing Arts and Music. We hope that our members will take advantage of all the very interesting meetings that our chair-ladies are arranging and will attend them in large numbers.


The preparations for the Festival of Charities (FOC) are progressing greatly, and we invite all members to take part in this fun and important process, for the benefit of many charities.


On a lighter note,  those ladies that are born in September,  according to the Calendar, your birthstone is Sapphire and your birth flowers are Forget me Not, Morning Glory and Aster. Hope you will enjoy this interesting and exciting month.



Mona Mahadevia                                           Ravit Kedem




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