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Tuesday 8th        11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.


 Venue:           BAAYA,


Guests welcome


The Eternal Tree of Life


If there is one unifying cultural theme and motif across religions, it will have to be the Tree of Life. This symbol finds representation in many ancient religions, cultures and practices. From Hinduism to Shamanic religions and from Nordic folklore to Aboriginal art, the Tree of Life finds myriad artistic expressions in various scriptures, monuments and manuscripts that go back to references as old as 3000 BC. This tree symbolises abundance, prosperity and spiritual growth.


Shibani Jain is a Craft Designer from NID Ahmedabad, with 21 years work experience of which 12 years have been dedicated to Indian craft and folk art. She is the founder of BAAYA. Come and listen as she introduces us to this intriguing subject in a visually rich talk and slide show presentation along with beautiful examples of the symbol.


Baaya is a unique concept, offering high quality design skills that seamlessly combine with master artisan skills to create  distinctive murals, art pieces, furniture, lighting, home accessories and more.



Avni Puri                                                             Mai Suzuki    




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