Tuesday 16th     11.00 a.m. – 12.15 p.m.


Residence of:              Bharti Chotirmall






The Moment of Calm is a worldwide peace initiative that aims at bringing calm in the hearts of people through the power of forgiveness and love. MOC aims at creating world consciousness and powerful vibrations.


Today we welcome Ajay Punjabi, a divine seeker & close associate of Rev. Dada J P Vaswani. As the Honorary Treasurer of Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Ajay has played an integral role in the growth and awareness of this most noble thought initiative. Ajay shall enlighten us all on the Moment of Calm and share stories of love and forgiveness that have altered the lives of many across the world.


The Moment of Calm marks the birth time of a leading spiritual luminary of India – Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani, who even after his passing resonates a philosophy that stays strong and true across the world.



Shalini Chuganee                               Penelope Shrivastav



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