The prolonged Mumbai monsoons was a welcome saviour from the oppressive October heat. Let us hope the cool year-end ‘winter’ weather will likewise, set in early so that its benefit is obtained this November!

In the context of seasons changing, we observe how time too has flown, despite the pandemic! We are already half- way thru the year, with a major festival season upon us.

It was certainly very disheartening that the Fellowship got aborted due to the sudden power failure. However, we made amends by rescheduling it end October.

Lastly, we wish all our members and their families, a ‘HAPPY & SAFE DIWALI’- festival full of childhood memories, a sky full of fireworks, mouthful of sweets, houseful of Diyas and heartful of joy and prayers. 



Sarita  Agarwal                                                                                        Maria  Bharwani   




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