Thursday 1st         11.00 am to 12.15 pm


Venue :                     Sangeeta Javeri





Do you want to see something as simple as Dal - Chawal / Biryani-  Raita being plated like a gourmet dish? Then surely come and see Chef Harsh Shodhan style and dress the dishes which are a feast to the eye and irresistible to eat.


His love and passion for food got him to turn around his manufacturing and IT business to take a plunge into the world of cooking and building a full fledged catering business.


Launching THE GOURMET KITCHEN & STUDIO, an all-vegetarian high-end gourmet food catering business. The aim was to reach out to the vegetarian section of society with high-end modern and international foods.


Constant research, development and innovation drives him to move forward and create delicious food, merging cuisines, fusing flavors, elaborate presentation but never loosing focus of FLAVOUR and QUALITY.


Ladies grab the opportunity to learn how to style and plate everyday home cooked food, how to pipe desserts in shot glasses, how to dress sandwiches and impress your family and friends with the chef’s secrets.


Anu Kedia                        Helene Lecuyer

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