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Monsoon is a season for regeneration, transformation and a new vibrant energy all around. It weaves its enchanting magic on all people across age groups, caste, creed, religion and sex. It is a time to be one with nature and with each other.


In the spirit of togetherness, we welcome all our new members who have joined Indus recently. We are happy to have you with us and we hope that you will enjoy the friendship, fellowship, fun and laughter that we all share. Do get involved in the various activities planned for the coming year and feel free to give us any suggestions that you may have.


You can email us on We also thank our new board and chairladies who have taken up the responsibility to make this year a happy and successful one. Considering that we now have quite a few members in the suburbs, an unanimous decision was taken by the committee and the Advisory Board to try and have one afternoon meeting a month in the suburbs. We hope everyone will take advantage of this and come in large numbers. Also do remember to wear your name badges. If you’ve forgotten them, please wear a sticker (which will be provided by our Chairladies) with your name on it.


The committees for Disbursement and Membership have been formed. We look forward to working with our new committee members and thank all of them for their participation. Our trusted and efficient computer committee remains the same and we look forward to their continued support. We need foreign chairladies for Philosophy and Religion and History and Culture. Please come forward, dear ladies, and take up this whole new learning experience. Those who have not sent in their membership renewal slips and fees kindly do so at your earliest!


Lastly, the details of our itinerary and costing of international destination: check this newsletter for more information.


Mona Mahadevia                                                      Ravit Kedem

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