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ZOOM meeting: Zoom ID will be posted on WhatsApp and emailed one day prior to the meeting.

Guests Welcome


Cafe Panama is the newest entrant to the Todi-Mathuradas mill compound. This gorgeous 4000 square foot, laid-back and refreshing tropical all-day space aspires to be more than just a restaurant. 

The ‘Palm Beach’ inspired interiors ooze “Tropical Glam” and create the perfect ambience to connect people, cultures and traditions.

The founders Sohel Lalwani & Shaan Gidwani’s vision was to create a RestoBar, serving Contemporary cuisine with a twist of Latin American warmth and energy. The eclectic and carefully curated menu offers a wide selection of traditional and contemporary South American Cuisine, and a “whimsical” cocktail menu!

Until safer times, when we can visit the lovely Café Panama and soak in the joie de vivre, let’s learn to cook some of their delights in our own homes. Do join us as the chefs share some of their special recipes and secrets.

Recipes will be mailed the day before the meeting.

Neelima Patel            Rachita Kapur

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