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  • Your  newsletter does not arrive – Secretaries.

  • You  would like to assist with a fellowship meeting, the quiz – Vice  Presidents.

  • You have changed your address, phone number, or email – Membership Treasurers. (

  • You wish to change your status – Membership Treasurers.

  • You have a foreign friend who wants to become a member – Membership Treasurers.

  • You  will be unable to attend meetings for an extended period – Membership Treasurers.

  • You need a new name badge - Membership Treasurers.

  • Your receipt for your renewal has not arrived by the end of July – Treasurers.

  • You have an idea for a speaker for a meeting – the relevant Activity  Chairladies.

  • You need participation during the year - Participation Help Mate: -

            Mumtaz Kachwalla –  Tues / Thurs (10-11 am or 4-5pm)

             Sheena Kataria  Wed / Fri (10-11 am or 4-5pm)

             Any Senior Member needs any help: -

             Dinoo Parakh

             Jinx Akerkar

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