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Membership Renewal Form: Please ensure that the online membership form has been duly filled and returned via

email to the membership treasurers by 31st July 2021.

If you need any clarification, please call:

a) Selma Kriegner +91 8828020886

b) Pamela Chay +91 9136028788

c) Nandini Narvekar +919821131503 (Monday- Friday 2pm - 6pm)

d) Priya Mehta +91 9819131406 (Monday - Friday 9am -11am)


Our deepest condolences to Tannaz Commissariat on the sad demise of her husband.


Membership Committee

Current Presidents Radhika Kaji, Ravit Kedem 

Past Presidents Sarita Agarwal, Maria Bharwani 

Membership Treasurers Pamela Chay, Selma Kreigner

Members Nafisa Khorakiwala, Anjali Mariwala,

Bina Kejriwal

Disbursement Committee

Current Presidents Radhika Kaji, Ravit Kedem

Treasurers Kaya Shewakramani, Nisha Aggarwal

Members Bharti Chotirmall, Ayesha Soonawalla, Neena Patel, Rachel Wawn Kurien

__________________________________________________________ Annual Fee and Membership Renewal Form 2021-2022

Please send your renewal fee of Rs.3,500/- before 31st July 2021. Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic situation, a contactless payment mode has been arranged. The following are the TWO payment options:

Option 1: Cheque payment

A cheque in the name of Indus International accompanied with a note stating Full Name and Membership No. can be dropped off at the residences of either one of the following members:

Rashna Doongaji

A message should be sent to the member to whom the cheque is being delivered stating the time and person the cheque has been handed over. This will ensure that the cheque doesn't get misplaced.

Option 2: Online transfer

Renewal through a payment gateway link which has been sent to you via email and WhatsApp soon after the AGM. After you click the link in the "Purpose of Payment" write your full name and membership number and complete the online transfer.

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