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God didn't promise days

Without pain,

Laughter without sorrow,

Or Sun without rain

But he did promise strength

For the day, comfort for

the tears, and light

For the way.

If God brings you to it,

He will bring you Through it.

As we soak in the first shower of rain it feels like a balm to the scorching heat of the summer. As the foliage turns green, we get a fresh lease of positivity & energy.

Our Disbursement and Membership committees are now on board. We look forward to working with our new committee members. As this is an unusual year, we will disburse the amounts as we receive donations to provide timely help to the Covid warriors and Covid Victims.

This year's Chairladies are working hard to make this an exciting year by organizing international speakers to address us and Vice Presidents are working on organizing fellowships that are fun and interactive. Lots of our foreign members have gone back home to be with their loved ones due to the pandemic. To facilitate them our Chairladies have organized some afternoon meetings.

This Pandemic has taught us life lessons, such as to preserve our environment and show gratitude for all that we have. Hence, this year we have decided to plant a tree in the name of our guest speakers, as token of our appreciation and present them with a certificate. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have lent us a helping hand. This month we would like to specially thank Minoti Jain and Ferzana Khanna who over the years have tirelessly assisted every President. We would also like to thank our dear members who volunteered to fill in all committee positions, board and chairladies.

A special reminder to our senior members that this year we have appointed two long-standing and well-appreciated members: Dinoo Parakh and Jinx Akerkar whom you can address with any issue related to Indus activities, ideas, and suggestions. We also have two participation helpmates, Sheena Kataria & Mumtaz Kachwalla who will help all members with participation.

Lastly it is only the presence of Indus members who make meetings and fellowship fun. Look forward to seeing you all at our virtual meetings.

Radhika Kaji                                                Ravit Kedem

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