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ZOOM meeting: Zoom ID will be posted on WhatsApp and

emailed one day prior to the meeting.

Guests Welcome


Architecture as “the mother of Arts” draws on, relates to and inspiresartistic practices, which reflect and process the world in which we live. Experimental drawing is an artistic practice used in many artforms, which helps to see, understand, reflect and form-find visual expressions of abstract thought, civil and cultural values and current technical capacities. Astrid Bornheim is one of the most interesting women architects in Berlin (Germany) today, who will talk to us about her constantly evolving sense of form and space and how experimental drawing as a process inspires her daily design work.

She has won awards and scholarships, her work has been exhibited at the Venice Architectural Biennale and various architecture galleries, she lectured and taught at the Bauhaus University Weimar and University Bochum in Germany and at the University of Nottingham (UK), curated exhibitions e.g. at the BDA Galerie Berlin and at Deutscher Werkbund, and engages in symposiums about architecture and culture. She also runs her own architecture and design practice in Berlin.

We look forward to taking you into her world of contemporary thought and form.

Jiloo Billimoria                               Nicola Gerber

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