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The winter season is always a great opportunity to indulge ourselves with some fantastic cuisines and travel around India. 

However, with the Omicron rising, we have decided to continue with our Zoom meeting for now.

 Our amazing Chairladies and Board members have prepared some wonderful and exciting meetings and events for all of us to enjoy while we are forced to stay indoors.

This month we have our most awaited Indus Annual Quiz. The quiz is based on Festivals of the world. 

We thank Usha Jayaram and her team for organizing it.

Indus Annual Quiz

Subject: Festivals of the world

Date: - 2ndFeb, 2022

Time: - 11.15 am

This month the Disbursement committee will meet to discuss the distribution of funds to charitable causes and NGOs.

 If anyone would like to send in appeals of deserving charities, please do send them to Nalini Sewakramani.

The Nominating Committee will also meet soon. If anyone wishes to propose an active member for a position on next year's board, kindly take her consent and send the suggestion in writing to the committee  Chairperson Dinoo Parakh as soon as possible for consideration by the nominating committee.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Indus Adhoc Committee members, Chairperson Sunita Khandelwal and the committee members who honored us by sharing their thoughts and opinions, which were inspired by our dear Founder Member Saroj Prakash, guidelines to keep: the Indus Ethos intact. 

The deliberations of the Adhoc committee were adopted by this year’s Executive Committee and included an immediate acceptance of new members to the Indian membership category through a stringent and very careful process of interviews, which will follow the Indus Ethos (kindly check page 5 for more details).

Another important deliberation of the Adhoc committee was to temporarily allow Indian members who are holding a foreign passport to hold office on the foreign side and fill in board positions, only in case the nomination committee is unable to find a foreigner to fill in the position.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this month’s meetings. Stay safe.

Radhika Kaji             Ravit Kedem


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