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prior to the meeting.

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                                PEOPLE, POWER & POLITICS

Today our speaker is Maj Gen A K Shori (Retd) 1982 batch IAS (Allied) Services officer, served in the Indian Army for 21 years. He has done extensive research in Behavioural Science and developed management skills based on stories from the Panchtantra, Ramayana and Mahabharata. 

He has authored three books titled Indian Rajarshi and Greek Philosopher King, Seven Shades of Rama and Why We Are Like This.

The topic People Power & Politcs explains ...Where does the power ultimately reside? Is it in the hands of people or rulers? The politicians are for the people who elect/ select them and hand them the power to rule over them. 

What happens afterward and what necessitates the need for transformation of power from people to politicians? We all know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then what are the options available to people to ensure that power is not misused?

Maj Gen A K Shori (Retd), presently Chairman of Managing Committee of GGDSD college, Kheri Gurna and Director Human Development Policy Research & Training Centre will discuss these issues.

Varsha Sheth                              Avni Parikh

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