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Friday 18th         11.15am – 12.15pm


ZOOM meeting:                    Zoom ID will be posted on whatsapp and emailed one day prior to the meeting.


Bach Flower Remedies: complementary treatment for emotional problems and pain.


Are you stressed? Anxious? Traumatised? Bach Remedies are a gentle way to alleviate your emotions.


Rescue Remedy drops or spray are amazingly popular and a go-to for many around the world when confronted with any emergency or panic, even fear of flying or insomnia. This is one of combinations of Bach Flower remedies, discovered by Dr Edward Bach, a British physician in the 1930s.


Dr Bach had observed that emotional imbalances and stresses were at the root of much of our ill health and he devised a system to balance emotions to make it was possible for the body to be more resistant to disease.


Dr Sonal Shah, a trained professional practitioner affiliated with the Bach Centre Trust in the UK since the past few years will introduce us to this system of emotional healing and share with us how these tinctures made from wild flowers and plants actually work. How long can they be taken? Are there any side effects? Who should take them? Are they a good substitute for conventional medication?


She will address all these issues and more...




Nafisa Khorakiwala                                                Shabana Abdulkarim





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