Dil-e-naadaan tujhe hua kya hai                                                  Oh my naïve heart what has happened to you?

Aakhir dard ki dava kya hai?                                                         What is the remedy for this ache?


Hum hai mushtaaq aur woh Bezaar                                            I long for you but you seem disinterested  

Ya ilaheel yeh maajra kya hai?                                                      Dear God, what is the problem?


Main bhi munh mein zabaan                                                        I too have a tongue in my mouth

Rakhta hoon

Kaash pooch keh mudda kya hai                                                 Wish you ask me what the matter is


Jab ki tujh bin nahin koee maujood                                             When nobody exists but you

Phir yeh hungama eh khuda kya hain?                                       Oh God, what is all this clamour about?


Ye paree chehere log kaise hai?                                                    How are these angel faced people?

Ghamza oh ishwa oh adaa kya hai?                                             An amorous glance, flirting-what is all this?


Shikhan e zulf e embaree kyo hai?                                               Why are there fragrant tresses of your curls

Nigah eh chashme surma sa kya hai?                                          What are these glances from the kajal eyes?


Sabja o gul kahan se aaye hain?                                                   Where has this greenery & flowers come from?

Abra kya cheez hai hava kya hai?                                                  These are so charming they rival the beauty of God’s existence.


Jaan tum par nisaar karta hoon                                                     I offer my life to you as a sacrifice

Main nahin jaanta dua kya hain                                                     I do not know praying is


Maine maana ki kuch nahin ghalib                                                I agree that Ghalib is worthless

Mufth haath aaye to bura kya hai?                                                If you get him for nothing, then what’s the harm in it?




This is a poem by Mirza Ghalib written in praise of God.




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