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Tuesday 17th                           11.15 am – 12.15 pm



ZOOM meeting:                   Zoom ID will be posted on whatsapp and emailed one day prior to the meeting.




Originally from the Netherlands, but now residing in South Africa, Swami Purnachaitanya has gravitated towards Eastern philosophy, Martial arts and various breathbased techniques including Meditation, which have prolonged impacts on the human mind.


Swamiji met his Master, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the age of 16 and travelling selflessly across continents, he has transformed the lives of many people - from top executives, prison inmates and indigenous people - teaching them the art of mind and emotional management leading to elimination of stress in experiencing harmony in their lives.


Swami Purnachaitanya has conducted special programs and master classes and oversees various initiatives of the Art of Living in India and Africa and organises conferences, seminars and other programs across the world.


Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and wealth is a vital ingredient bestowed upon us for maintenance and progress in our lives. More than just having money, it means abundance in knowledge, skills & talents. Lakshmi is the energy that manifests as the complete spiritual and material wellbeing of a person. Swamiji will be talking about 8 aspects of this divine energy along with deep insights of these and will share some heart-warming stories of ancient wisdom.


Shweta Vyasji, who is the head of flagship programs for the Art of Living Foundation, has curated this session and will be joining us adding her experiences as well.




Sapna Daryanani                                                                                          Pushpa Dadlani



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