What do Anu Aga, one of India’s top businesswomen, Dr Mahinder Watsa, cult columnist of Mumbai Mirror and Kanchan Pamnani, recipient for the National Award for Role Model from the President of India have in common? They all came to talk to Indus in the past two months. We are fortunate to be a part of Indus where we can attend such interesting meetings. We are also fortunate to have a group of dedicated chairladies who put this all together for our enjoyment.


Last month was the Annual Event and Festival of Charities. Once more this was only possible thanks to all the members willing to give their time to make these events a success. So, thumbs up for our Annual Event and F.O.C teams and all of you who contributed, in small or big ways!


We can however, always improve as an association and one area of improvement is to make sure that everyone who attends an Indus meeting can take this opportunity to meet new people, make new friends … and remember their names! We would urge you to please wear your badges at the meetings as they help us in achieving one of the objectives of Indus: promoting friendships between nationalities.


Christmas is around the corner. In spite of our members being innovative, resourceful and dedicated, it is not possible to deliver you a white Christmas but we will definitely offer you a very merry Christmas party. Please do come and attend our Christmas morning on the 10th of December!  



Dinoo Parakh                                                                Helene Lecuyer


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