Thursday 10th 11.00 a.m. —12.15 p.m.


Residence of:              Varsha Sethi


CHILDLINE India’s Helpline 1098


Trained as an academician and communicator Kajol Menons career spans teaching, media, communication and mainstream developement sector, especially for child rights. As executive Director ,Childline India Foundation , for over a decade Kajol spearheaded Indias helpline , 1098-ten-nine-eight , for children, ensuring that children falling into unsafe situations have a service of their own.It has beeen adopted by the government and serves as an excellent example of Public Private Partnership Model.  The service is now available in 420 districts.


Several years of working with childre in difficult circumstances led her and co-founder Nicole Menezes to contemplate the need to work in communities which would hold families  together and prevent children from falling out . Kajol ,today,  will talk on how each one of us can break this status quo in our own circle of influence.


We hope to see many of you so we can make India a better place for all these children 



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