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ZOOM meeting: Zoom ID will be posted on WhatsApp and emailed one day prior to the meeting.

Guests Welcome


We have joined hands to bring you a morning of “Do It Yourself” Christmas decorations. Christmas is all about preparations, decorating your house, preparing cards and gifts or just spending some time with loved ones baking cookies.

Our very own Indus member Marie Bulchandani will share her love and talent for the arts and crafts to show you three easy ways of getting this special Christmas feeling by making some decorations yourself during this meeting.

At the end of November, we will share a list of needed materials on WhatsApp, so that you can prepare yourself.

Please join us “making” something lovely for the holidays, and no worries, if you only want  to watch or want to try your hands at one or two items this morning.

The idea is to have a fun time together!!

Happy Holidays!

Anita Gupta           Laila Karan

Jiloo Billimoria      Nicola Gerber

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