• The Indus year begins on 1st April and ends on 31st March.

  • 10 meetings must be attended during the year.

  • 7 meetings should be attended before the end of December.

  • Please only sign in yourself and your guest.

  • Arriving after 11 a.m. will not be eligible for attendance.

  • Departing before the speaker has finished, or before chairlady   invites you to leave,   will also count as non-attendance.

  • Wear your badge at all times. This applies particularly to chairladies    and hostesses,    as there are a lot of new members who do not know who you are.

  • Attendance at the Fellowship does not earn attendance points.


Ways to earn participation points:


  • Being a hostess for a meeting.

  • Being a co-hostess for one of the Fellowship Meetings.

  • Helping the hostess and/ or chairladies at meetings.

  • Arranging a speaker or demonstration.

  • Acting, dancing, back-stage, knitting, speaking, demonstrating,

  • Baking cakes for  events, taking part in Quiz etc.

  • Helping with or hosting one of our many events —Festival of    Charities, Annual Event, Festive Morning, AGM, or transport for outing.

  • You will need to earn two active participations and donating food   or sponsoring   any item needed for an Indus event may earn the third   participation.

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