Wednesday 7th         11.00 am to 12.30 pm


Venue:                   Vivarea Banquet Room

                               (Enter through the lower basement level, follow directions to the clubhouse &  take the elevator to Level)                                     Saat Rasta Circle, Road going to Bombay Central,

                                Near Mahalaxmi Railway Station,


Our Fellowship/ Mumbai Festival will be celebrated on Wednesday the 7th of September and the centre of our attention will be none other than Lord Ganesha who is Mumbai’s best-known and favourite deity.


Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the deva of intellect and wisdom and also invoked as a patron of learning. In Mumbai, from September 5th for 10 days he will be revered, pampered and devotees will flock to the nearest pandaal to worship him and pay their respects.


In the true spirit of Indus, we have invited our friends from Mumbai Connexions and The American Womens’ Club of Mumbai to join us celebrate the Ganesh Festival.  We will have a short presentation including some interesting facts about this festival, the singing of the Ganapathi aarti, an authentic lejhim dance performance and typical Mumbai snacks. 


We hope you will all join us to honour Ganesha as this promises to be a morning of enlightenment, fun and devotion.



Maya Merchant                  Penny Barton

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