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ABOUT US Indus International, established in 1967, Is a registered NGO having 80G registration under the Charity Commissioner.


Indus International is a non-profit organisation providing opportunities for women of various nationalities living in Mumbai to meet, exchange ideas and work towards a greater understanding of different cultures and people of the world in which we live.  


The ethos of Indus is to give back to the Society by extending a helping hand to the needy. Indus members go the extra mile in their support of the NGO sectors in our country; be it in areas of health & medical, education, vocational training or the welfare of children, women, or the elderly in the community. One such effort was an offline exhibition organised by Indus members annually in pre covid times, with NGOs exhibiting their products to raise funds to support the cause.


In keeping with and inspired by the tradition of the Indus Festival of Charities, we aim at supporting the welfare of various NGO causes by giving them an opportunity to showcase their products in a digital online marketplace through our Indus website and social media platforms.

Frequent Promotion and campaigns through social media will be on to increase the traffic to the NGO website. 

REACH Indus International connects people around India to buy goods online directly from charitable institutions within India. It is important to note that Indus International is not a part of that transaction and has no commercial interest therein but just serves as a medium to connect the Buyer & the Seller, without any commission received by Indus

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