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A Society, INDUS was founded in 1967 by Lorraine Hanson as an association of Indian and American women, with a 10% membership of women of other nationalities. It was unique in its concept of endeavouring to build a bridge of understanding between Indian and American women living in Bombay. Soon after it was found that more and more women of other nationalities were keen on participating in Indus activities.It was therefore converted to Indus International in 1973, offering membership to all nationalities on a ratio of 3 Indian members to 1 non-Indian member.


On the 25th Anniversary Lorraine Hanson had this to say about Indus; 'INDUS is something special. It was like a small tree planted with lots of care and attention.We expected it to grow but it has dug its roots into the special soil of India and in spite of successive leaves of International members drifting away, the creative enthusiasm of its Indian members has blossomed into endless fruit that nourishes all who sit beneath it.'


Indus International lives through its varied activities. It has been and hopefully always will be a meeting ground for women from all over the world. It provides them with the opportunity to make lasting and rewarding friendships. It has been registered as a Charitable Trust under the Public Trust Act and also under the Societies Registration Act.


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