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prior to the meeting .

Guests welcome

AVANTI PATEL – Indian Idol Season 10 Finalist

To introduce Avanti Patel as an Indian Idol topper would be a gross injustice to this powerhouse of talent.

Avanti is a Hindustani semi-classical vocalist playback singer, composer and innovator,. Being the daughter of very successful doctors , she broke the medical family tradition and entered the field of music at the tender age of 5 years .

Her areas of passion are Thumri and Gazal Gayki . Her recent project O Gaanewali is a show based on the lives and music of Tawaifs and women performers in India .

This show premiered live at NCPA to a full house.

She has performed over a 1000 shows worldwide . Has been the lead female singer for Bollywood Gharana , a fusion music show ,for Sukhan , a show based on Urdu poetry and many more such platforms.

Her command of language easily flows through Hindi, Urdu, Marathi and Gujarati.

Today she will talk about her journey in the world of music, important milestones and approach to music as a lifestyle in day to day life.

Avanti will share some of her performances .

To master such a vast range of classical vocal music , at this young age , is indeed commendable .

Gopi Vaid                                                              Neeru Mehra

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