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(Please note the change of time)

Zoom Meeting:   Zoom ID will be posted on

WhatsApp and emailed one day

prior to the meeting.

Guests welcome

Journey of a digital artist who turned into a Sattvic Chef & House of VangoGreen, a sustainable home for workshops, artist residency & Sattvic living experiences

Vaidehi Nair specialises in physical and mental health management, being a chronic disease survivor where she reversed the effects of an illness successfully. Having completed extensive and immersive experiences and educational formats on Yoga & Ayurveda, she has studied Ayurvedic nutrition and is working as a Sattvic Chef for two years now, healing people through food and helping them connect with and listen to their own bodies.

She has chosen life away from the city and created a sustainable home at a farmland, where she grows her own food and lives a slow life with a completely chemical free lifestyle and leads an illness and medicine free life.

Today she will introduce the " SHIFT" a change of perspective towards the same old things, people and or lifestyle choices, proceeding from which we cover various other topics .Join us for an interesting meeting.

Namrata Singhania                                         Neeta Merchant

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