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A warm welcome to all our members who have been travelling in India and abroad.

September is a wonderful month. The weather is not as it is in summer and the rains will start receding soon enabling us to organise more in person events.

September is also the month for the nine day Navratri festival. A festival dedicated to Goddess Durga. Our Vice Presidents Priya and Marietta along with our enthusiastic music chairladies Ranjana and Hemal have planned to celebrate this festival at our  Indus Fellowship  on 22nd September.It will be a memorable morning of traditional dance (garba) and food.

One of Indus’s most important event used to be the Festival of Charities….FOC to many of us. This year we have decided to take the FOC on a digital platform (see Notice Board)

Our 22 trippers after a hiatus of two years are all set to leave on 27th September for the Indus trip to Kashmir. We wish them a safe trip and good times and can’t wait to hear their memoirs!!! A big thank you to our travel committee for their relentless work.

The chairladies are working really hard to arrange interesting meetings. In August it was a privilege to hear  these accomplished speakers in an intimate gathering and share their expertise and insights.

We had an interesting walk with the curators of CSMVS museum,understanding Miniature Indian and Himalayan Art. This was followed by a delightful talk by Persis Vatcha  who took us through an unusual perspective on handicrafts  with emphasis on architectural marvels. Nityanand Charan Das a practicing monk enlightened us about the perfection of yoga, Justice Roshan Dalvi spoke about gender perspectives in laws and Society.

Please feel free to contribute not only in attending meetings but also in getting actively involved in organising or any other personal contribution. So ladies do come forward to help and participate.

Enjoy this season and see you at our meetings!

Sheena Kataria                                        Nalini Shewakramani

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