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Guests Welcome

Oh Calcutta ! …. Our taste buds are tingling !!

Bengal, a region in the eastern part of the Indian Subcontinent, conjours up images of Mishti Doi … Rosmalai …. Shondesh and its Chingari Machher Malaikari (Prawn) and bhaat (rice).

The culinary journey of the Bengali cuisine is quite a potpourri of different influences of Muslim and European style of cooking especially the British style. Like the French cuisine, a Bengali meal is traditionally served in courses and is subdivided into four types of dishes.

Charbya or food that is chewed like Rice and Fish.

Chosya : food that can be sucked by the Ambal and Tak.

Lehya : food that is meant to be licked like Chutney and Pickle.

Peya : which includes drinks often made of milk and Milk products.

(Basanti Pulao, Chanar Dalna, Bhetki Paturi and Patisapla are some of the delicacies that will be demonstrated today).

This morning we shall embark on this food trail with Gayatree Dhar, a multi-faceted woman.

Past President of Rotary Victoria, she headed the Indian Social Club in Muscat where she resided for 3 decades and honed her Cooking Skills. She has judged various cooking competitions and conducts cooking classes on Zoom.

Let’s get ready to tingle our senses!!


Bina Kejriwal                                                Anju Siraj

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