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In-Person Meeting

Venue   DSB Business Center

Raheja Chambers

Bldg no. 213, 2nd floor,

Free Press Journal Marg

Nariman Point

Mumbai 400021

THE INDUS QUIZ 2022 - Bollywood-Hollywood

Fun and frolic, laughter and fizz!

It's that time of year for the INDUS Quiz!

We promise an amusing and painless contest

Provided, of course that you give of your best!

Good sport, fun and laughter we will guarant-ee

And the questions? You'll answer without difficult-ee!

We all love the movies with their glamour and glitz

And "Bollywood-Hollywood" is your ticket to showbiz!

To participate in the Quiz please call

 Priya Mehta   or     Marietta Barreto 

All others, please do come in large numbers.

Priya Mehta                                        Marietta Barreto

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