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In-person meeting

Venue:  Camelot

127 August Kranti Road, next to Om Chambers

Kemps Corner

Malabar Hill


(Camelot is located in a bungalow with step-only  access

Guests welcome

Restoring Rare Furniture

Over the past twenty-five years, Camelot has built a treasure trove of original Colonial and Art Deco furniture, sourced from the nation’s heartland and some of its most remote estates. After unearthing these unique and timeless pieces, Camelot’s craftsmen restore them to their former glory to retell their vivid histories, offering generations to come a chance to be part of their stories.

Camelot adheres to a meticulous restoration process working with second and third generation craftsman whilst remaining committed to a high standard of environmental responsibility, using only reclaimed and recycled wood to restore furniture.

 Ameera Shahfounded Camelot in 1993 and will welcome us into the beautiful bungalow it’s housed in. Ameera will share with us how she transformed her passion for Colonial and Art Deco furniture into a business and how she works with master craftsmen to bring India’s design legacy to the contemporary landscape.

Shabana Abdulkarim                                     Helen Craggs

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