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We are already in October happily attending meetings in person and enjoying catching up with our Indus friends.

Thanks to each and every member who helped and attended the Navratri festival Fellowship morning making it  a very memorable event; as without you it would have been a wasted effort.

A sincere thanks to the Vice Presidents and Music Chair ladies, the talented Indus dancers,  who worked tirelessly and put up a spectacular show. A special thanks to those who contributed to the khana- peena too; sincerely the joy of the morning leaves us wanting more such events !

The trippers left for the wonderful trip to Kashmir, wishing them safe travels and many fun sights and sounds which we look forward to hearing about at our History Culture meeting!

We had wonderful meetings in August & September; a chance to meet personalities such as Alisha Chinai, Birwa Querishi, listening &  learning from their life experiences.

Indus is about culture , charity , learning and growing along with friendship and much more. Week after week our chair ladies put themselves out to reach out to their contacts ,getting us well known, talented speakers and performers to drive our meetings to full house status.

Kudos and pat on the back to the Chair ladies.

Our sincere request to you all to share our Festival of Charities online platform links(DETAILS given on NOTICE BOARD)  for promoting our partner NGOs and their products. Please do help us spread the word.

We look forward to sharing many meetings, and special evenings with you in the coming months as our calendar of events is getting filled in.

Let the celebrations begin !

We wish You all safe and joyful festivities in the coming season.

Sheena Kataria                                            Nalini Shewakramani

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