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(Please note change of date)

In Person Meeting: Gallery Art & Soul

1, Madhuli Building

Dr Annie Basant Road

Shiv Sagar Estate

Opp Atria Mall

Mumbai 400 018


Artist Subhash Awchat presents a series of watercolours that were conceived during the lockdown as tableaux of imaginaries of fantasmical escape . The works form a repertoire of the master figurative painter’s practice, allowing us to see them in retrospective.

Born in 1950 Awchat’s works are drawn from nature , myth and social commentary of Maharashtra. As an observer and commentator in visuality he is one of Bombay’s senior painters who comes with an exhibition dedicated to the city and its resilience as an augury of hope.

Sumesh Sharma will take you through their interesting Jade journey.

Rashna Doongaji                                  Kanchan Khubchandani

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