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In-Person meeting

Residence of    Lyla Mehta

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“Love your heart” – All you need to know about a heart attack

Dr. Anand Somayacompleted his medical studies at the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College in Pune. He joined the army and spent two years in Ladakh treating multiple casualties of the 1971 Indo Pak War. His operation theatre was located at 17000 ft which at that time was considered to be the highest in the world. After serving for eight years in the Army as a General Surgeon, he did several international fellowships in the US and the UK. Since the early 1980’s he has been associated with the Bombay Hospital.

Today’s talk is intended to highlight the most dreaded cardiac disease otherwise known as a “heart attack”. Dr. Somaya will, in simple language tell us what a heart attack actually means, emergency treatment that could be done at home before the patient is transferred to a hospital and what treatment the patient will expect to undergo when he is admitted there.

Dr. Somaya will also explain all the risk factors that contribute to causing a heart attack as well as certain steps that can be taken to try and prevent it.

Anjali Mathur                                                                  Selma Kriegner

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