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Residence of Mala Sampat

Guests welcome

Palliative Care— Adding Life to Years!!

Palliative Care ( PC) started in the 1950s. It was restricted to relieving distress in terminal stages of cancer. Patients with other illnesses - Non-Cancer Patients (NCP) - had no access to PC even though they outnumbered cancer patients 100:1.

PC for NCP was nonexistent in Mumbai. To address this pressing issue and need the King George V Memorial Trust has started:

1. Sukoon Nilaya Palliative Care Centre,

2. The Sanctuary— an Adult Daycare Centre

3. Passaddhi— the Garden of Tranquility

Dr. Eric Borges will discuss basic issues in PC and will also show how useful it is for patients and care givers. Also, a short documentary film on Sukoon Nilaya will be screened showcasing this beautiful centre.

Dr Eric Borges is an Interventional Cardiologist and a Professor at the Bombay Hospital Inst. of Medical Sciences. He is Chairman of the King George V Memorial Trust, the Chief Trustee of the TN Medical College Global Alumni Trust, Trustee of the Ernest Borges Memorial Home and Ex Chairman of Campion School.

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