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ZOOM meeting: Zoom ID will be posted on WhatsApp and emailed one day prior to the meeting.

Guests Welcome


Sunalika Sinha - A graphic designer from the National Institute of Design. Presently she is working on iPhone photo-stories. Each photo-story is unique. The objective is to create soulful work. 

Sunalika has received several awards -

AF Architettura e Fotografia Master Photo, MUPaM Best Photo, Minimalist Corner Top 2, AF Architettura e Fotografia Best Photo, ArchiMinimal Pic of the Day, to name a few.

The module is segmented into 3 parts -

1. EXCERPTS-a bite size film introducing the spectrum of work and a chat connected to the work. The dialogue will also focus on the ability of phone cameras as being the most powerful and capable creative tools present today.

2. ARCHITECTURE-my weakness, my strength. A mini film on Mumbai’s Converting Skyline. Through the film a quick introduction to composition in photography - viewpoint, rule of thirds,balance, framing etc.

3. THERE ARE NO RULES-everyone can take amazing photographs. All you need to know about phone cameras and quick-start apps to elevate and enhance your photos.

A few stories are presented as they are shot. While others are worked upon with various digital platforms such as Photoshop, PhotoRoom, SketchBook, Snapseed, Mirror etc. The final image may be quite different from the original image shot.

Varsha Sheth                                  Avni Parikh

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