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(Please note change of date)

ZOOM meeting: Zoom ID will be posted on WhatsApp and emailed one day prior to the meeting.

Guests Welcome


interim_ is an artist-run alternative arts space, currently inhabiting a temporary structure in Worli that will soon go for re-development. Tied to its temporality, once time in the current space is up, interim_ will take form as a nomadic project, moving from space to space. The concept of this art space is not restricted to one type of art, but will showcase music, fashion, food etc. too, and possibly organize a residency where selected artists use the space as their studio for a short duration, culminating in a show.

Yaazd Contractor and Simran Ankolkar are artists and designers, who have recently returned from their studies abroad. Their “interim_ “ concept brings a type of art space to India, which we may know from London, Berlin or New York.

Let’s listen to a new perspective on art from young artists facing a pandemic influenced start to their careers and their new show on street art.

Jiloo Billimoria                                        Nicola Gerber

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