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Our deepest condolences to Rashmi Mehra upon the sad demise of husband.

Our heartfelt condolences to Sunita Soi upon the sad demise of her husband.


Dear Members,

It has been observed in this last year, that COVID has posed a lot of difficulties for all of us. Some of our foreign members have not been able to return to India and some of them have to leave India due to various reasons.

The result of this is that we are having a lot of trouble getting the board and chairladies for the following year.

On behalf of Advisory and the current Presidents we earnestly urge or members to come forward to do the needful. Specially and only for this coming year we have made an exception by allowing Indian members to come in as Co-Chairladies for the various activities in place of foreign members if required. Please understand or predicament and come forward even if you have been either on the board or a chair lady.

Thanking you all for your help and understanding.

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