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I would like to share our deepest gratitude on behalf of all the schools & communities that received the gift of the speakers as a result of the contribution given by the Indus members. Thank you so much for coming forward to support our efforts to take knowledge and learning into these communities to the children deeply impacted due to pandemic. This was a much needed and welcomed intervention to distract the children from ongoing Pandemic and to bring back joy.

The Rs. 40,000/- contributed so generously by the members of Indus enabled us to take speakers across 20 schools in the regions which would benefit over 1000 children for a very long time. Given below is a list of the villages and a few pictures for your reference.

List of Schools

  1. Botoshi                                     11. Jaamsar

  2. Nirgudwadi                             12. Chalatwad

  3. Kurlod                                        13. Hedichapada

  4. Pathardi                                     14. Sargun

  5. Wakadpada                              15. Pimpalshet

  6. Dadarkopra                               16. Jhaap

  7. Katkaripada (Sawarpada)    17. Khuded

  8. Kudwa                                          18. Saawarde

  9. Pathardi      (Jawhar)               19. Gonde Khup

  10. Aayrey                                        20. Pasodipada

Once again, I would like to express our appreciation and gratitude towards all that was shared with so much generosity.

With warm regards

Archana Tomar

Sutradhaar Social Ventures

Email: Mob: +91 98202 25986’

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