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Monthly newsletters will be sent by email and whatsapp to all members. Hard copy of the newsletter by post will NOTbe sent. Do update your email address with the Membership Treasurers. You may contact Madhavi Shah if you have not joined the Indus Notice Board


Mona Mahadevia

Nayantara Jain

Kamal Mulla


This year since the Pandemic is almost over, Indus is planning to do a short trip

(6 -7 days) in September 2022 within India

The options suggested by the President and Travel committee are

· Kashmir

· Dharamshala & Kangra Valley

Please do SMS or WhatsApp your preferences by June 15th along with your name to

Annu Toshniwal       Dina Desai       Indira Kilachand


Our deepest condolences to Pushpa Loyalka on the sad demise of her husband.

Our deepest condolences to Gauri Marwah on the sad demise of her brother.


Heartiest Congratulations to Sabita Chuganee &Dolat Kotwal who were honoured bt the Governor of Maharshtra His Excellency Hon’ble Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari for their excellent Social Service.

Heartiest Congratulations to Deepika Amin who has been honoured with the IHRC award for her contribution to Film & Television.

Birthdays for May & June

Wishing all our members Best Wishes on their special day

“Janmadin kee Shubhkamnaye”

May 2022 June 2022

Vanita Bhandari 3rd Rashmi Mehra  3rd

Lubaina Suares 4th Armaity Sumariwala 3rd

Kavita Singh  6th Mumtaz Kachwala  5th

Nafisa Khorakiwala  6th  Pria Khullar 6th

Vijaylakshmi Sukhdevsinhji  6th Nicola Gerber 12th

Esther Malaney 7th Anita Hamlai    16th

Shalini Lunia   9th Deepa Navani  16th

Hemal Udani   10th Chandra Mirchandani  20th

Saroj Prakash  14th  Gopi Vaid  21st

Ravit Kedem  15th Pragati Gupta  21st

Sabita Chuganee  16th Padam Chadda 27th

Penny Shrivastav  18th  Anjali Mariwala 27th

Soledad Gramajo  19th  Leela Agarwal  29th

Ranjana Mahadevia  19th Nisha Mehta  29th

Elinor Mirza  20th  Rani Tarneja  30th

Nazneen Dubash  21st

Asha Shankardass  24th

Laxmi Nair  25th

Rashna Doongaji  26th

Manjula Agerwala  29th

Neelu Kapur  30th

Maya Gunjikar  31st

Joy of Giving

Birthdays are a special occasion, make a difference and spread the Joy of Giving.

Celebrate by donating to Indus International and support the cause undertaken of your choice.

Contact: Sheena Kataria or Kaya Shewakramani

Annual Fee and Membership Renewal Form

Please send your renewal fee of Rs.3,500/- before 31st July 2022.

The following are the TWO payment options:

Option 1:  Cheque payment - Please send a crossed cheque made payable to Indus International and hand over to the Treasurers:

Nisha Aggarwal or Amisha Himatsingka

Option 2 : Online transfer - Renewal through a payment gateway link .

You can pay with Instamojo, just use this link -

After you click the link in the “Purpose of Payment” write your full name and membership number and complete the online transfer.

Membership Renewal Google Form

Please click on the link below. It will open up the Membership Renewal Google form.

Kindly fill it and press the submit button.

A big thank you to all those who have sent in your fees and the form. The Indus treasurers will be emailing the receipt to all of you. If you have not received the receipt by the end of July and you have paid your fees do get in touch with the treasurers Nisha and Amisha.


· You notice an error in the directory – Membership Treasurers.

· Your newsletter does not arrive – Secretaries.

· You have an idea for a fellowship meeting, the picnic, the Quiz – Vice Presidents.

· You would like to assist with a fellowship meeting, the picnic or the quiz – Vice Presidents.

· You would like to offer your home for a meeting – Vice Presidents.

· You have changed your address, phone number, or email – Membership Treasurers. (

· You wish to change your status – Membership Treasurers.

· You have a foreign friend who wants to become a member – Membership Treasurers.

· You will be unable to attend meetings for an extended period – Membership Treasurers.

· You need a new name badge - Membership Treasurers.

·  Your receipt for your renewal has not arrived by the end of July – Treasurers.

·  You have an idea for a speaker for a meeting – the relevant Activity Chairladies.

· You need participation during the year - Participation Help Mate: -

Cherry Mehta 98204 09267 – Mon/Wed / Fri (10-11 am or 4-5pm)

Varsha Sethi 9323781942 – Tue/Thurs (10-11 am or 4-5pm)

· Any Senior Member needs any help: -

Jinx Akerkar - 9820579192

Rekha Shah - 9619055905




· The Indus year begins on 1stApril and ends on 31st March.

· 10 meetings must be attended in a year.

· 7 meetings should be attended before the end of December.

· Please only sign in yourself. If guests allowed then sign in your guest.

· Arrival after 11:15am will not be eligible for attendance.

· Departure before the speaker has finished, or before chairlady closes the meeting will also count as non – attendance.

· For in person meetings, wear your badge at all times. This also applies to chairladies and hostesses as there are a lot of new members who do not know who you are.

· Attendance at the Fellowship does not earn attendance points.

Ways to Earn a Participation Point

· Being a hostess for a meeting.

· Arranging a speaker or demonstration.

· Taking names for a meeting.

· Introducing or thanking a speaker in the absence of the Chairlady.

· Helping a board member with computer work or collection of fees.

· Helping Chairladies at meetings.

· Helping with or hosting one of our many events – Annual Event, Fellowship, AGM, Quiz, Picnic or any special events.

· Acting, dancing, back-stage, speaking, demonstrating, baking cakes for any special events, taking part in Quiz etc.

· Give a Donation to Indus International.

· You need 2 participation during the year.

Indus Etiquette

We are starting a few in person meetings; let’s remember the spirit of Indus is about new friendships!

Indus thrives when our members are active and participate. Please ensure that you complete 10(ten) attendance points and 2 (two) participation points in a year from 1st April to 31st March. 7 (seven) attendances should be completed by December.

Few gentle reminders:

For meetings at member’s homes (in person meetings)

  1. Please      wear your badge at the meeting so mingling is easier.

  2. If you can      host a meeting at your house, please inform the Vice Presidents or any      member of the Board if you are able to offer your house.

  3. Since      wearing a mask is no longer mandatory, let’s be responsible, avoid      attending if you are unwell.

  4. Only tea      and biscuits should be provided by the hostess. Being      a hostess should be easy and the focus should be on the speaker!

  5. Please      ensure that your cell phones are in silent mode or switched off .(in      person & zoom meetings)

  6. Meetings      begin at 11.15 a.m. and end at 12.15 p.m. Your attendance will not      be counted if you come in after 11.15 a.m. or leave      before 12.15 p.m.

  7. Indus      should in no case be used as a forum for publicity. It is strictly      forbidden to use the directory to build e-mails or phones listings to      advertise.

For Zoom Meetings

  1. All      members to mention their name on the screen in the following order:      Surname, First name, Indus membership number.

  2. Keep your      videos on at all times, unless advised by the Chairlady.

  3. Do      not UNMUTE yourself for the entire duration      of every meeting.

  4. Be presentable while      attending a zoom meeting.

  5. Please maintain some      decorum even in online meetings.

  • Some members were seen       eating or lying back and some even dozing!

  • Some were seen attending       the meetings in their night clothes.

  1. If you have to do anything other than listen to the speaker,      kindly turn your video off.

  2. Zoom meetings      begin at 11.15 a.m. and end at 12.15 p.m. Your attendance will not      be counted if you come in after 11.15 a.m. or leave      before 12.15 p.m.


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