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As we start this 56thyear, we are filled with excitement at the likelihood of an enjoyable year, full of friendship and laughter, challenges and fulfilment.

We would like to thank the exceptional women who composed the Board and Executive Committees last year, led by Radhika & Ravit who delivered innumerable exciting online events involving participation of several teams whose efforts lead to enjoyable quizzes, bingo evenings and much more.

A big thanks to Dinoo Parakh and the nominating committee for placing their trust in us and giving us a dynamic and diverse Board to work with … not forgetting our enthusiastic Chairladies!

Our theme this year is “Patience & Perseverance” which has helped us through these last two years. We recognize that many of us are eager to resume pre- pandemic social interactions. As Leo Tolstoy says “the two most important warriors are patience and time” we assure you we are committed to a safe and smooth transition to meetings in person.

A big thank you to Ayesha Soonawalla for the concept and design of the logo; a version of the Tree of Life.

The tree depicts the Indus family being firmly and deeply rooted with a heart at its centre.

Indus members diversity is depicted by the colourful leaves of all sizes blossoming on the branches. The bonded group of women figure as the trunk where friendships are supportedand nurtured.

It is our patience and perseverance which has helped us through this period and hence our slogan “Patience & Perseverance

Our aim is to get back those fun years prior to the pandemic.... sipping our coffee before our meetings, rehearsing for dance practices, relishing the food after the cooking swapshop, reveling in fellowship celebrations, walking through art galleries, traveling and much more!

WE ASSURE YOU It’s all in the making... We look forward for your support.

Our travel committee - Annu Toshniwal, Indira Kilachand & Dina Desai - are planning a short domestic trip in September.  We need you to give us your preferences and we look forward to seeing many of our members on these trips, in true INDUS SPIRIT.

This year we are committed to teamwork, growth and change. We wish to inspire all members, both old and new to continue to thrive. Our motto is to empower women, especially those affected by the pandemic. Indus International has always been charitable and helped those in need and we look towards our Indus family for their support to these causes.

Sheena Kataria                                      Nalini Shewakramani

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