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(Please note change of date and time)

Venue:  Kamani Chambers

Ground Floor

Ramji Kamani Marg

Ballard Estate

Mumbai 400 038

Guests welcome


We will visit Galerie ISA to enjoy in person some of the four exhibiting artists David Murphy, Haroun Hayward, Ian Malhotra and Vipeksha Gupta talking about their work.

Technically the term ‘Landscape Mode’ refers to the horizontal orientation used to display wide screen content, in this context it ties together the exploration of traditional landscape painting and the topography of natural forms, the continuous collision of digital and analog, technology and tradition, and the excavation of identity, medium and message in the social and cultural landscape of a pandemic world.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person, in such a lovely space and having the chance to actually meet the artists as well as Ashwin Thadani, our host for the visit and the owner and director of Galerie ISA.

Jiloo Billimoria                                        Nicola Gerber

Kanchan Khubchandani                         Rashna Doongaji

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