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ZOOM meeting: Zoom ID will be posted on whatsapp and emailed one day prior to the meeting.

Guests Welcome


Nityananda Caran Das (Prabhu Nityananda), a practicing monk at the Sri Sri Radha Gopinath temple (Iskon - Chowpatty, Mumbai), is a visionary who wishes to revolutionise the current urban scenario by aiding people in leading a life of purpose, fulfilment and satisfaction. He specialises in guiding today's youth, including children and teenagers, to reconnect with their roots and lead a simple yet happy life.

Prabhuji delivers spiritual discourses (online and offline) where he preaches our ancient Vedic culture that includes the holy Srimad Bhagavatam, the Bhagvad Gita and great Indian epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata. His descriptive abilities instantly transport listeners to the transcendental realm and ignite within them a desire to cultivate devotion.

Prabhuji also facilitates excursion trips for devotees at sacred destinations like Vrindavan, Hrishikesh and Govardhan Ecovillage.

Swamiji's divine radiance, simplicity, friendly stature and open mindedness make him an instant favourite amongst both young and mature seekers. He will be speaking on this very popular topic - ' Why do bad things happen to good people'?

Sapna Daryanani        Pushpa Dadlani

Shalini Chuganee       Sabita Chuganee

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