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Please note the change of date.

In Person Meeting:

Residence of :   Aditi Thakker,

Limit: 30 members


First introduced in Europe in the late 18th century as a symbol of social status, it was used as a means of identification in battles and sport events and gradually became an emblem of royal and noble families. These emblems were later embroidered on the coats of bearers and hence termed “Coat of Arms “. They are also know as crest, emblems and monograms.

They reveal history, social and cultural status, flora and fauna and religious beliefs of the royal family and  were used on palace gates, cars and items of daily use like crockery, watches, playing cards and uniform of servants.

Mr. Anuj Pakvasa has had a liking to history and geography since his childhood. His father being an eminent postage stamp collector and many time national and international gold medalist inspired him to collect a piece of history. Mr Pakvasa started collecting coins of princely states around the year 1980. Some coins have state Coat of Arms minted and that interested him so he also started collecting these in metal as well as letterheads.

He is the proud owner of letters signed by Maharajas which is very rare In this meeting he will exhibit this collection.

Varsha Sheth  Sheetal Patel

For registrations, please call Sejal Modi on 98332 63464 on Monday 11th July to Wednesday 13thJuly between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm

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