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Changing Nutrition Needs of Women

For women, nutrition needs change through the life cycle. From teenage years to reproductive years of pregnancy and nursing, to reaching menopause and enjoying the years beyond while aging gracefully. The latter years are when most women are free of responsibilities and are ready to enjoy life. It is very important that during this phase one takes care of health, so that one can enjoy the middle age and beyond.  Nutrition is a very important component in maintaining good health. It is a science but with self-styled experts it has become pseudoscience with more questions than answers.

Niti Desaiis going to throw light on nutrition needs in mid-life and clear lot of myths. Niti is a celebrity nutritionist practicing in south Mumbai. She has worked with Femina Miss India and with many well- known families including Bollywood celebrities and our Olympic champions Mary Kom and Gagan Narang.

Namrata Singhania                                  Neeta Merchant

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