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Zoom meeting Zoom ID will be posted on  WhasApp and emailed one

Day prior to the meeting

Guests welcome

Carrying Forward an Ever Advancing Civilization

The conviction that every individual belongs to one human family is at the heart of the Baha'i Faith. We are all citizens and co-stewards of our planet. A growing awareness of our common heritage and interdependence allows us to strive for unity in diversity.

Neda Nooreyezdan will introduce us to the Baha'i Faith, its fundamental beliefs and principles, it’s history and the work it is engaged in, in thousands of locations around the world working with individuals and communities to not only improve their own lives but to also contribute to the improvement and progress of society.

Neda Nooreyezdan has served full time on various Baha'i institutions throughout her life. Born in Iran, she moved to the UK in 1974 with her family. She qualified as a Computer Programmer and Systems Analyst from the University of London.

Dipika Shroff                                                      Neelu Kapur

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