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VENUE:  Residence of Preeti Maria

Dist. Karjat

Welcome to a fun-filled day at Karjat!

We have arranged for the lucky 45 ladies who booked first to have a wonderful day out in Karjat! We plan to leave Mumbai bright and early at 7.00am by a special air-conditioned coach to take us to the home our hostess Preeti Maria. Preeti will serve us breakfast on arrival and then give a guided tour to any of our members who rae interested in walking around the grounds of the Corvuss American Academy which is spread over 25 acres of lush green countryside. We will then be treated to a delicious lunch at Preeti’s bungalow and aim to leave Karjat at 3pm to return to Mumbai.

Preeti’s bungalow is adjacent to the Corvuss Academy which was started by her son Kunal Maria. The school is the manifestation of Kunal’s vision – he was an excellent basketball player who played for India but had to give up the sport to pursue his studies. The Corvuss Academy fills a much needed specialist niche for those talented students who excel in sports but most often have to give up specialist training once they reach the higher grades of 8 and above as they find it impossible to juggle their everyday lessons, tuition classes, exams, extra-curricular activities and sports training. 

At Corvuss, a special curriculum has been designed based on the three pillars of education, sports and character building which enables the students to harmonize education and sports to help them realise their potential .

Priya Mehta                                                                     Marietta Barreto

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