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one day prior to the meeting

Guests welcome

The Crochet Story- 300 Journeys

Mon Ami Foundation is an independent not-for-profit trust with a strong focus on social responsibility. They were featured at the recent Indus Festival of Charities. Working across rural and urban India, Mon Ami Foundation’s vision is to help companies build socially responsible ecosystems by creating sustainable opportunities to improve the quality of life.

We will be joined by Mon Ami Foundation’s Trustee member, Amit Malhotra, who will tell us about starting the largest crochet movement in the country! Working primarily with migrant women and women from low-income families, Mon Ami Foundation has been teaching women across India the craft of crochet from the safety of their own home. As well as learning crochet, Mon Ami provides women with financial understanding and the business acumen to empower them to earn an independent livelihood. Do join us to learn more about this fascinating and ever-growing project that currently has over 300 artisans.

Shabana Abdulkarim                                               Helen Craggs

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